ILO National Initiatives

 A network of Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs) from different European countries works together with F4E to raise awareness regarding funding schemes and ways to get involved in the ITER project. A series of information days and seminars are planned throughout the year to report on the roadmap of the different procurement packages and facilitate partnerships between companies.

This page is dedicated to the ILOs National Initiatives; it is meant to highlight the upcoming events throughout the year and thus increase the bond between F4E, the ILO Network and all economic operators from different European countries.

Key reference document: List of ILO contacts  List of Contacts - F4E ILOs

By rolling over the map of Europe you will discover which country hosts an IO National Initiative. All details can be obtained by clicking on the relevant country itself.

 For further assistance, please click on CONTACT and use the dedicated form to address your queries to the most relevant F4E Team.

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